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KBH Petroleum offers gasoline, a highly efficient and widely used fuel derived from crude oil. With its potent energy content, gasoline powers various vehicles, machinery, and equipment, enabling smooth and reliable operations. Customers can trust KBH Petroleum's commitment to delivering top-quality gasoline that meets rigorous industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and reduced emissions for a greener tomorrow.


Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a high-quality petroleum product offered by KBH Petroleum, serving as a reliable source of energy for various applications. Derived from crude oil through a refining process, fuel oil is a cost-effective and efficient fuel choice, widely used in power generation, marine vessels, and industrial heating systems. KBH Petroleum ensures consistent supply and superior quality, making fuel oil a trusted solution for customers' energy needs.

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Natural Gas

KBH Petroleum is proud to offer natural gas as a clean and efficient energy product. Extracted from natural reservoirs deep within the earth, our natural gas is a versatile resource used for electricity generation, heating, and powering various industries. With a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, KBH Petroleum provides reliable natural gas solutions to meet the energy needs of our customers while reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future.

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Diesel, a flagship product by KBH Petroleum, is a versatile and efficient fuel solution. With its high energy density and low emissions profile, diesel is ideal for a wide range of applications, from powering heavy-duty machinery and commercial vehicles to supporting essential industries. KBH Petroleum's premium diesel ensures optimal performance, reliability, and reduced environmental impact, making it a top choice for businesses seeking dependable and sustainable fuel solutions.

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Bunker Fuel

KBH Petroleum offers bunker oil, a high-density, heavy fuel oil primarily used in marine vessels. This versatile product is known for its energy-rich properties and is widely employed to power large ships and industrial engines. Sourced and refined with utmost care, KBH Petroleum's bunker oil ensures optimal performance and efficiency, making it the preferred choice for maritime transportation and various industrial applications worldwide.

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Gas Oil

KBH Petroleum offers gas oil, a high-quality refined petroleum product that serves as a reliable fuel source for various industries. It is a versatile and efficient energy solution, commonly used in transportation, power generation, and heating applications. With KBH Petroleum's commitment to superior refining processes, customers can trust in the consistent performance and environmentally responsible nature of their gas oil product.

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